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This live session in Estoril (Palacio Hotel), Portugal, will zoom in on the essential aspects of taking a corporate fleet programme to a Global level. This session will handle the creation of a Global but applicable corporate programmethe missions and responsibilities of a corporate fleet and mobility manager in a global context, and the roll-out and implementation of the Global fleet programme. This session also gives answers to the challenges and trends global fleet managers are confronted with. This full-day training session is based on expert presentations and best-practice sharing, via case study presentations and interactions with peers.



Welcome coffee 
08:30 Introduction of the day
Steven Schoefs, Nexus Communication.

The Road Map to go international
Thor Konings, 
Athlon International and Marc Van Eck, ALD Automotive

  • The building blocks of an international strategy
  • Setting up an international framework
  • Key steps in deploying an international fleet strategy



The obstacles and opportunities of moving your fleet management globally
Julie Le Guillou, 
Arval and Mathijs Van der Goot, LeasePlan International

  • Why moving your fleet management strategy globally
  • Do's and Don'ts when expanding your fleet management strategy
  • Tips and Tricks and Key lessons



The missions of an International Fleet Manager
Andy Leeden
, AstraZeneca

  • Role and Responsibility
  • From Mission to Programme
  • Measuring success
  • Lessons learned

Coffee Break 


Governance and Stakeholder Management
Jürgen Freitag
, Siemens

  • Setting up an international fleet team
  • How to deal with internal and external stakeholders
  • Keeping the fleet momentum, internationally, regionally and locally
  • Tips and Tricks



How to move from a European to a Global Fleet Programme
Lee Warner
, Unilever

  • The Road Map to a global fleet strategy
  • Internal alignment, communication and implementation
  • Opportunities and obstacles
  • Lessons learned

Efficient implementation on a global level
Joe Carreira

  • Between global principles and local flexibility
  • Overcoming regional and local challenges
  • Success ingredients for implementation
  • Do's and Don'ts

Q&A with case study speakers

12:20 Lunch

Practical application in international fleet management – via working groups in café model set-up (45 minutes for each group)

  1. GROUP 1: Selecting the right funding method – Yves Helven, Global Fleet Expert and Julie Le Guillou, Arval
    Lease or Buy, what is the best solution region by region

  2. GROUP 2: The building blocks of a global RFP – David Weeks, Mondelez and Mathijs Van der Groot, LeasPlan International
    Insight in the OEM Tender

  3. GROUP 3: The ABC of a global safety programme – Csaba Csiszko, Philip Morris International and Marc Van Eck, ALD Automotive
    How to set up and deploy a safety programme for your employees

  4. GROUP 4: Transforming from fleet to Mobility in a global context – Alexandra Melville, Accenture; Markus Falk, SAP and Thor Konings, Athlon International
    Looking beyond the company car: ideas and initiatives to optimize employee mobility

The action plan to take the international fleet manager role into higher gear for 2018
Steven Schoefs, 
Nexus Communication

17:00  Free Time

Official Dinner