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4 May 2017, 4:30 to 5:15 pm


Diesel versus Petrol – How to identify the best choice for your fleet - 4 May 2017

The pressure on diesel as preferred fuel type on European roads is increasing, as CO2 as an environmental concept is criticised, regulation and taxation with regard to diesel is becoming increasingly severe with hundreds of cities having in place low emission zones. Today diesel is still the largely preferred fuel type for fleets in Europe, but fleet managers are questioning the future of diesel, at least for a part of their drivers and employees. 

In the recorded version of this webinar you will get insight in the legal and fiscal context of diesel in Europe, and be informed about the key criteria to make the right fuel choice between diesel and petrol. The webinar ends with a case study presentation by Patrick Martinoli of telecom company Orange, who successfully introduced a new powertrain policy with a switch from diesel to petrol and alternative powertrained cars.  

Expert speakers:


Erwin Boumans – Partner, BDO 





Hervé Girardot – Director Arval Consulting & Corporate Vehicule Observatory, Arval




Mathijs van der Goot – Senior Consultant, LeasePlan International 





Patrick Martinoli, Fleet Management Department Director, Facilities & Mobility Management, Orange 




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Successfully addressing 5 fleet management trends to drive your strategy forward - November 15, 2016 in Barcelona (Spain)

The International Fleet Management Institute (IFMI) organised a full-day training session on 5 hot topics of crucial interest to the international fleet management community. IFMI selected these topics because of their relevance for the future of international corporate fleet management.

Cost-efficiency, in combination with environmental concerns and attention to driver behaviour, are top of mind for international fleet managers. But none of those broader goals can be achieved without attention to these 5 topics:

  • The need for Safety Management and Embracing Telematics
  • The added value of Connectivity and Big Data
  • Detecting opportunities in Mobility Management
  • The Impact of IFRS16
  • The Fleet Management Consequences of Brexit

Separately and combined, these topics are a determining factor for the future course of international corporate fleet management. That’s why they were at the IFMI full-day training session’s agenda.

The IFMI session in Barcelona on 15 November has not only presented case studies and expert opinions, but also included Q&A sessions for each topic.

Discover all the presentations of this session


Internal Factors impacting Fleet Management : From Safety Management to Telematics - 27 September 2016, 2:00 to 2:45 pm

Optimal fleet management results from aligning the impact of both internal and external parameters with overall corporate objectives, while maintaining stakeholder satisfaction. With regard to internal parameters, there’s a noticeable increase in the understanding of and the appetite for driver behaviour focus and safety management.

In this webinar you can discover how build a strong safety management programme, and how Telematics can support this with Nathalie de Vries, LeasePlan International & Florian Waldegger, Arval.

Then, Carel Aucamp, Global Category Manager - POSM, Fleet and Travel at British American Tobacco shares with you his Do’s and Don’ts on Fleet Safety.



Nathalie De Vries, Senior Consultant, LeasePlan International 





Florian Waldegger, Head of Consulting, Arval Corporate




Carel Aucamp, Global Category Manager - POSM, Fleet and Travel, British American Tobacco



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How to detect external factors impacting international fleet management and how to benefit from them - 24 May 2016

In this webinar, two experts examine how to detect external factors impacting international fleet management and how to benefit from them. 

Regulation, legislation and taxation are major external influencers of car fleet management today. Some important issues: the new Accounting Standard, company car taxes adjusted for CO2 emissions and other environmental aspects, rules on safety and privacy… the list goes on. And every item on it has an effect on your fleet management.

This webinar provide an insight on crucial trends, and show how they can be used to build successful programmes that secure efficiency for the future of your fleet’s management. 

Mazen Al Haffar, BDO, present the upcoming legal and tax trends. Then, Thor Konings, Athlon Car Lease International, explain how to handle environmental impacts. 



 Mazen Al Haffar, Supervisor - Tax & Legal Services, BDO





 Thor Konings, International Account Director at Athlon Car Lease International



 Watch the video




The TCO equation when selecting Alternative Powertrains

November 18, 2015 in Rome (Italy)

During this 1-day training session we looked at the TCO concept and its evolution. 

Expert presentations, case studies from fleet managers and interactive discussion moments allowed to learn how alternative powertrain vehicles influence your fleet management and cost structure.

OEMs are developing alternative powertrain vehicles, and although the offer is still limited corporate fleet managers are interested in knowing if the integration of alternative powertrains can be of added value for their fleet. But one of the main conditions is the impact of these new technologies on the Total Cost of Ownership. This IFMI session will focus on the evolution of the Total Cost of Ownership concept with the arrival of new alternative powertrain vehicles. The take-way of this session is a TCO checklist applicable when wanting to add alternative powertrain vehicles to a fleet. 

Discover all the presentations of this session



Webinar September 10, 2015 - Diesel or Petrol - Pick the right fuel for your fleet

In this webinar we looked at the conditions to select one or the other fuel type for your car fleet drivers.

Although the situation varies per country, it's fair to say that diesel has been the preferred fuel of vehicle fleets across Europe. But major changes are shaking up things: the recent drop in fuel prices on the one hand, and on the other increasing fiscal and regulatory pressure on diesel cars by national and local governments.

Do these changes justify switching your fleet from diesel to petrol? Perhaps – but how do you get insight into the exact cost-effectiveness of either fuel relevant to your situation?

In this webinar, two experts examined the right arguments and conditions to select one fuel type over the other, and discussed the crucial turning points in diesel or petrol car selection for your fleets.

This webinar is jam-packed with useful data and actionable information on updating the fuel component of your fleet strategy. At no more than 45 minutes long, this webinar is well worth any fleet professional's time.


Tony Elliott, Global Fleet Expert at Nexus Communication

Denis Férault, Head of Solutions Development and Consulting Lab, Arval

 Watch the recorded version of this webinar


Webinar May 7, 2015 - Efficiency in Fuel Management

Fuel is an important part of a vehicle fleet's total cost. In this webinar we looked not only at elements influencing fuel management, but also at solutions enabling fleet managers to control fuel and fuel management in the right way. 

The webinar included a case study presentation and a Q&A session where participants were able to ask their questions to our experts.


- Fuel Management & TCO:

 Thor Konings (Athlon Car Lease International)

Marc Van Eck (ALD International)

- Case Study Fuel Management by Brian Knight (Xerox Limited)


- Q&A session moderated by Steven Schoefs (Fleet Europe)

 Watch the video of this webinar




Successfully Engaging Dedicated Driver Behaviour

Hamburg - 18 November 2014, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (CET)

Save money, save lives, save the planet is the moto for this year's IFMI session. The full day training session for corporate fleet managers only will be build around case studies from international fleet managers that have developed a driver behaviour programme with tangible results.

Discover the complete programme about the session 
'Successfully Engaging Driver Behaviour and Awareness'

All case studies will be embedded in a complete Driver Behaviour programme journey, from setting up and implementing an efficient driver behaviour programme with attention for getting the mandate and engaging the right stakeholders, to setting the baseline of your current driver fleet behaviour, defining the KPI’s in line with your goals and objectives, and finally the implementation process, reporting and control and keeping drivers motivated and aware once a driver behaviour programme has been launched.



The Impact of Engaged Driver Behaviour

29 September 2014, 11:00-11:45 AM (CEST)

Shaping driver behaviour is a key part – and a key challenge - of today's fleet management. So how exactly do you engage drivers to modify their behaviour to fit various objectives such as cost, safety and the environment?

Watch the video of this webinar


Alternative Powertrains in Your Fleet

7 May 2014, 11:00-11:40am (CET)

How can fleet managers best integrate alternative powertrain vehicles in their car fleet? Which alternative powertrains are best suited for the specific objectives of your car fleet strategy?

Watch the video of this webinar